It’s all about me!! (well this bit is anyway)

Hey I’m just a girl trying to get by in this tough world!

I’m a fun loving redhead zooming through my 30’s and trying to make the most of all I encounter.

I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, an autoimmunue condition, in November 2009 and it’s made my life a lot more interesting!  The condition caused my thyroid to go majorly overactive and after taking oral medicaiton to control it all I  managed to go into ‘remission’ for 12 months.  And then it came back with avengence resulting in me having a total thyroidectomy in 2012.

I have always been a very open person and have openly shared my experiences, my feelings and my fears with close family and friends.  Now I want to share it with more than those close but not as an attention seeking exercise as some have accused me of.  I found reading blogs, related and unrelated to my condition, a very useful tool.  It helped me to not feel alone, that when the fight seemed too big it let me gain courage from others who had succeeded.  So I wish to take a brave step and open up my heart to others, if it helps, reasssures or just causes a smile in one person then me opening up was worth every minute.

So this blog will take you back through some of medical experiences, it will take you forward through the continuing medical journey and sometimes it will wander off into other realms of my mind.  This won’t just about my health as I’m not just a health condition, I’m a person just like you too.

So I hope you enjoy the journey, it may be random and sporadic but hopefully it will be worthwhile.

It’s a long road we travel but there is beauty to be found in every step we take.


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